Tools and Apps I Use Every Day as a Web Developer

Every web developer has its environment, and we use so many different tools for our day-to-day workflow.

As I wrote this article, I found it very frightening how many tools I use or need. We can quickly forget about everything we depend on for our work.

Tools help us to organise and ease our daily work.

Here are my favourites.

Productivity Tools

  • Grammarly
  • Toggl
  • Google Docs
  • Google Keep

Communication Tools

  • WhatsApp Desktop
  • Telegram Desktop
  • Slack
  • Mattermost

Development and Workflow Tools

  • CMDer
  • GitHub Desktop
  • DBeaver
  • Vagrant and Docker
  • Visual Studio Code
  • PHPStorm
  • WebStorm
  • CodePen
  • Angular CLI

Google Chrome with the following apps installed

  • ColorZilla
  • JSON Formatter
  • User-Agent Switcher
  • Augury
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Momentum